Custom enclosure production

Our custom enclosure manufacturing department, which operates at our site, provides great help in the execution of our company’s complete electrical work.

During our work, we also design the enclosures for the electrical installation, further improving the quality and speed of our constructions.

During the production of the cabinets, we use the products of our partner Schrack Technik, but we also work with other manufacturer’s products, according to the customer’s needs (Legrand, Schneider, etc.).

Our colleague will try to contact the requester as soon as possible depending on the received plans, incoming materials and other information. Every project is different, so it requires unique solutions.

Our enclosures are installed by qualified and experienced installers.

During the long-term operation of enclosures, in order to maintain their good condition, it is necessary to check and maintain them regularly. With periodic reviews, we can prevent damages that may arise later, avoid partial or complete shutdowns and breakdowns.

Thanks to the countless years of industry experience, our colleagues are able to professionally repair and maintain enclosures.